Wednesday, 1 December 2010

#1 of the C4 (chansbury christmas countdown calendar)

This festive season,
mummy's been inspired
Mila's Daydreams blog
(read lazily lifting someone else's idea)

to countdown to Christmas.
This year, since we are
spending Christmas away from home

she's decided,
with inspiration from the fabulous Mister Maker,
to incorporate some R & R
(reduce consumerism where possible and recycle)
to craft our own
tree decorations!
She'd considered salvaging some boxes from the local supermarket to make a cardboard tree but fast gave up on that idea when she found a bargain of a tree at 50% off in a craft store...
and so, with some bought items of tree, cardstock, sticky tape, glitter glue and pipe cleaners our imagination will be the limit...
herewith Christmas decoration 1 - good ol' paper chains


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