Wednesday, 25 August 2010

savouring the innocence and enthusiasm of 4.5 year olds

mummy has been having some amazing conversations with me of late.
she reckons it's a marvellous time being with a 4.5 year old
when she asks me questions and i answer in all my childlike charm
(based on my vast and worldly experiences)

it's all good, life is mostly fun despite some of its silly adult-rules
but it's really a great time to carpe diem

of late at kindy, we've been practicing a surprise
for the upcoming Fathers' Day celebrations next week.

(so please daddy, don't peek!)
mummy just smiles with glee, laughts with delight and shakes with hysteria
when i do my little song and dance number
with unselfconscious wholehearted abandon ad infinitum

she keeps mumbling something about
cherishing all my innocence and enthusiasm now
because there will come a time one day
when i will consider this sort of palaver pretty uncool...

James' rendition of singing in the rain for Kindy Father's Day celebration from Eileen Chan on Vimeo.


Blogger Steph said...

Oh you gotta to enter Z for talent contest. He's potential future POP IDOL, great moves and that voice ! So sweet ! U can Chris can retire early man when his career takes off ! ;)

5:31 am  
Blogger ian in boston said...

i think this is totally cool! I couldnt stop grinning looking at you :-)

aunty alice

10:31 pm  

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