Thursday, 23 September 2010

confessions of a secular kindy-er

one of the things that mummy frequently ponders about
is the notion of a faith-based upbringing for children
considering how much a doubting thomas she is
and coupled with daddy's atheism
it does not bode well for organised religion

despite well-meaning observers' enthusiasm and encouragement
mummy still struggles with the concept of
enforced organised religious beliefs upon us
as little ones who are thus yet
unable to think critically at this (st)age
(so they do the best they can to teach us
via informal, example-based behaviours of
love, respect, trust, doing good and karma etc etc)

yet still her catholic guilt sometimes surfaces
especially when she sees children in catholic school uniforms...

anyway, one day before i had my milk for bed
daddy said to me, "will you sing?"
and mummy nearly fell off her chair with (delighted) surprise
when she heard my rendition of 'grace'
because we were taught this at kindy
and we practice it every day at morning tea time...
(now who says you have to go to private religious school?!!
just don't ask me to explain who the 'you' in the song refers to... yet!)

James' kind of grace from Eileen Chan on Vimeo


Anonymous Auntie Kalen said...

Good job, Jamesy!

2:52 pm  

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