Thursday, 26 August 2010

joie de vivre of a toddler

we all love callum's smiling face and his simple gung ho joie de vivre
he is an absolute copycat
and that's probably because
as an older brother i set mostly shining examples...

Cal at dining table from Eileen Chan on Vimeo.

this video was taken about 2 months ago
and since then callum's speech has increased manifold
he says quite a few words (bus, car, moon, star, ma, hi, bye, see ya, etc. etc.)

but mummy's current favourite word of his is 'picture'
because he can't quite pronounce it properly
and it somehow comes out as 'bik bu' (big ahem derriere)


Blogger Steph said...

Hey the amber necklace is back on !
Hilarious seeing Chris having to stand up to eat in the corner while u film ;)

5:37 am  

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